Volunteering is part of our club’s DNA. It’s so important that we require all club members to volunteer for at least one event or position each year. Through our volunteer efforts we are able to put on two NCNCA races each year – the traditional season-opening San Bruno Mountain Hillclimb and the Brisbane Criterium.

Our club volunteers also put on the Beat the Clock TT Series, which raises funds for the San Mateo County Parks’ Bicycle Sunday program. We also provide volunteer support for the Ryan Phua Memorial Kids’ Ride, a fundraiser for local cancer charities through the Livestrong Foundation.

Upcoming Events and Dates

Save the date! Here are some of our upcoming events that will be needing volunteers:

How to Get Involved

All PV members in good standing must volunteer for at least one club event or position each year (see Club Rules). When volunteers are needed, a link to the information and signup sheets will be posted here.

Beat the Clock #1 (May 18, 2024)