1. Instructions:
    1. Click on one of the open signup sheets.
    2. Review the list of available volunteer opportunities. MOBILE DEVICES – you may need to turn the device sideways.
    3. Click on “Sign up” to access the signup form.
    4. Fill out all of the blanks on the sign up form. You are not required to log on before signing up. If you are logged on, the signup form will automatically be filled in with the information in your user profile. You may override this information if you wish.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click on “Sign me up!”.

    Volunteers will receive a confirmation email shortly after signing up. If you have not received a confirming email within a few hours of signing up, click HERE to email the admins.

    Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

    Start Date
    End Date
    Open Spots
    June 17, 2023
    June 17, 2023

    Please login to view and edit your volunteer sign ups.