Major road construction and reconfiguration in the city of Burlingame have made it necessary for us to put this event on hiatus for the foreseeable future.


The recent history of bicycle racing on the Peninsula is both varied and colorful. In the late 70’s and early 80’s the Peninsula Velo Club promoted the only “all women’s” stage race in the country sponsored by Self Magazine. This race included the old “Pinky’s” road course that wandered thru Pescadero and the La Honda hills on the coastside. Some of the course was on dirt roads that turned to mud with the coastside fog.

During the mid 80’s the criterium and circuit locations varied. Some races were held near the Burlingame Recreation Center and Washington School while one year there was even a circuit race thru the residential area of Burlingame. In 1983 the race included Mary Ann Martin from Colorado who went on to become the first (and only) American winner of the Tour de France Feminine.

In 1987 the Peninsula Velo Club became promoter of the Burlingame Criterium on the original “downtown” course. The course was immediately popular and in 1989 and ’90 was sponsored by Coors (“Silver Bullet Criterium”). Since then the charm of downtown Burlingame, the tight, challenging turns, and the long, fast sprint finish have produced many exciting memories for racers and spectators.

In 2013, extensive construction in downtown Burlingame meant that a new downtown circuit was used.  This course proved to be very challenging and also quite popular with the racers.

In 2018, another road construction and reconfiguration project required that the event be put on hiatus indefinitely. Pen Velo has continued its long history of race promotion with the Brisbane Criterium in 2018.