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Burlingame Criterium – Registration

Event Chair: Cory Roay


Registration lead: Andrew Chew

Registration setup: Set up the registration tent and tables. Involves some light lifting.

Registration: Handle both pre-registered riders and those registering on-site. Specific instructions will be provided prior to race day. NOTE: Registration shifts 2 and 3 volunteers must arrive 15 MINUTES PRIOR to the start of their shift to facilitate shift change.

Registration tear down: Tear down the registration tent and tables. Involves some light lifting.

June 25, 2017

Task/Item Start Time End Time Available Spots
Registration setup 5:00 am 5:45 am #1: Frank R.
#2: Lei O.
#3: Markus R.
Registration shift 1 5:45 am 8:45 am #1: Frank R.
#2: David S.
#3: Phillip H.
#4: Lei O.
#5: scotty f.
#6: Markus R.
Registration shift 2 8:45 am 11:30 am #1: Shin U.
#2: Darrel S.
#3: Cindy S.
Registration shift 3 11:30 am 2:30 pm #1: Ken S.
#2: Michael T.
Registration tear down 2:30 pm 3:30 pm 3 remaining:  

PV Club Members: PV Members are required to volunteer at the Burlingame Criterium. However, we understand that there can be extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from doing so. If this is the case, please consider volunteering for one of the pre-race assignments. Otherwise, please let us know by completing this online FORM.