Crit Volunteer Instructions

Thanks to everyone for volunteering for the 2017 Burlingame Criterium and Kids’ Ride.  Please read through these volunteer instructions. Click HERE for a downloadable copy of these instructions.

Check the Master List of volunteers to confirm your general assignments.

Upon arriving:

  • If you arrive for course Setup (4:45 AM), go to the intersection of Bellevue Ave and Primrose Rd and check in with Ray “The Maestro” Alvarez.
  • If you arrive later, go the Volunteer Check-in table, behind the Registration tent (see Marshal Map below)
    • For Registration volunteers, here is the Registration Schedule for your shift(s)
    • For Marshaling volunteers, check the Marshal Schedule for your shift(s) and marshaling position, then…
    • Check the Marshal Map for the precise location of your marshaling position.

PV provides:

  • Clif bars, coffee and bagels (to early AM vols, while supplies last) and water are all at Volunteer Check-in.
  • Lunch will be provided by CJ’s Deli in Burlingame.  Lunches will be delivered to the marshals on the course, around noon.


  • If working on course Setup or Teardown, bring some gloves and snips for cutting zip-ties.

Marshaling instructions:

  • Go to the Volunteer Check-in table 15-20 minutes before your shift. Please note that the shifts don’t overlap, so allow ample time to park, walk to the check-in area, check-in, and find your position on time.
  • First shift marshals pick up orange flag and vest. Pick up a radio if your position is assigned to carry one (noted on Marshal Map at check in).
  • On the course, the basics:
    • Clear the intersection (the course around you) when you see the up-course marshals raise their flags.
    • Raise your flag when you see the lead motorcycle or racer.  This signals the down-course marshals.
    • Keep your attention on the crowd around you, not on the race (stand in the street and walk toward the crowd when you clear the intersection).
    • Keep an eye out for stragglers that get separated from the main pack.
    • Racers should have a clear (i.e. pedestrian-free) view of the course.
    • If a crash happens near you and it’s serious, notify the up-course marshals to neutralize the race.  Otherwise, help the racer up.  In either case, be ready to clear the course the next time the racers come around.  Marshals with race radios should announce the crash over the radio.  The Chief Referee will be on race radio as well.  He may need to neutralize the race if the injuries are serious.
    • Hand off the flag and vest to the marshals who relieve you.


Bellevue marshals (positions 1, 2, 3 and 36 through 43):

    • This is a critical area since it’s the only part of the course with residences; therefore vehicles are occasionally leaving (and maybe arriving).
    • If you see someone about to leave their driveway, proactively contact them and inform them they will leave the course in the same direction as the race and exit via the barricades at Bellevue and Primrose. Make sure the driver understands to head west towards the library, not the opposite direction towards Stacks). Communicate with marshals down course and make sure the marshal at position #3 is ready to open the barricade as the vehicle approaches.
    • Residents will be allowed to drive onto and off the course only in between races and not during Ryan’s Ride. You can pick up a brochure at registration when you check in that has the race field times.
    • Of course, let them on the course just BEHIND the peloton or any stragglers.
    • Coordinate with the marshal at position #3, so that cars leaving their driveways exit the course through the gate at position #3 (and do NOT proceed down Primrose !!).
    • The marshal at position 3 should stand on the course and use a flag to direct them through the gate onto Primrose heading northbound.
    • If they want to return their residence later, please implore them to park outside the course and walk to their apartment.  If absolutely necessary, they can re-enter the course by Stack’s Restaurant (position #33), but only in between races.
    • Positions #1-2, #6-8, #20-22, and #29-30 are crosswalk/pedestrian control positions. Only allow crossing after peloton has passed and flags up course have gone down. Continue to be alert to flags coming back up during pedestrian crossings as dropped riders may be approaching.
  • Kids Ride:
    • Keep the kids moving along the course to the finish.
    • If a youngster can’t make it to the finish, take them to the nearest Corner marshal.  The Corner marshals have race radios, they will radio back to the coordinator at the Check-in table.  The kids have an Emergency Contact phone number on the back of their race number.  We’ll call their Emergency Contact to coordinate pick-up.
    • If a lost child is contacted near the start/finish area, bring them to Sonya at the lost and found booth located on Primrose in front of the ice cream station.

Also, lost and found items should be taken to the PV registration tent where they will be held for their rightful owners.


Last updated – 06 21 17